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"This is a particularly unique story for r/nosleep, and it has given me perspective on how my self criticism can effect others. If I become a mother, I’ll make sure to never influence this behavior onto my child. Thanks for writing this." - u/weepingjordan

"This was a gripping read. It was done so well and I couldn't stop myself from reading it faster and faster. You did a great job!" - u/AsotaRockin

"I legit started feeling sick to my stomach reading this. Well done!" - u/imnotsuspiciousshh

"This is fucking incredible. I could only bear to skim at some points, it's so visceral!" - u/darlingxdarling


"A modern day horror that can easily be a Black Mirror episode, Clout takes you on a journey of manipulation and terror." - Lauren M.

General Testimony

"Jess's writing shines a light on some of our deepest social insecurities and uses the twisted shadows they cast to lay the foundation for their stories. I found myself literally cringing at parts -- in a good way!" - Trish T.

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