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Hey! I'm Milo and I'm a queer Jewish horror nerd.

Pronouns: They/Them

My dream has always been to fill the world with stories that could be used as a method of escape for anyone who needs it. Because of my lifelong passion for horror, I decided it was only natural that I would take my dream and use it to give people nightmares. 

My hobbies include taking naps, tipping generously at drag shows, and keeping Halloween decorations up all year.

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Publications & Collaborative Works


Writer - "Strands"
Razorblades Issue #3
illustrated by Jenn St-Onge

Writer - Major Cat Arcana Tarot Deck
designed by Nick Tofani


Writer - The Last Trick or Treaters
exclusive Patreon postcards
by Eduardo Valdés-Hevia


"The Hunt for Queer Jewish Representation in Horror"
atured on Dread Central


"On Dreamcatcher and Depression"
featured in Outsider Zine Volume 2

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